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TAG...Why Do I Wear Makeup?

I just read a tag post on Miss Beauty Adikt's blog that I really liked and thought, as I'm new to this whole blogging malarky, it would be a good post to do to let you all know my thoughts on makeup...

My Current Makeup Setup
 So here it goes...

When did you start wearing makeup?
Apart from the odd application of lippy at school and college I have to say that I only really truly got into wearing makeup in my mid twenties.  I started by doing quite simplistic looks but have to say I prefer a more full-faced makeup look nowadays - done well of course lol !

What was the first makeup that you bought and loved?
You're going to laugh at this but it was actually a lip liner from Miss Selfridge - I'm pretty sure they don't do makeup anymore but when I was at College it was readily available from Boots - It was a pinky nude colour and I basically lived off it all the way through college.

What is your most used eyeshadow?
I must admit I play up my eyeshadow quite a bit so I'm always using something different.  I guess if I had to choose anything it would be my Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay.  The colours I tend to use most from it are; Snakenite, Suspect, Tease, Busted and Blackout.

When did you begin loving makeup?
I remember the first time a close friend of mine took me into a MAC store.  I was in awe - I had never seen so much makeup in one place.  That was the start I guess...we didn't have a MAC store locally at the time so whenever we would go somewhere that had one I would pick something up to add to my collection.  I also think You Tube had a big hand in me becoming truly obsessed lol.  The first "Makeup Guru" I started following was Marlena from Makeup Geek, I used to watch her videos and then try to recreate the looks on myself and got pretty good at just escalated from there and now its a true passion.

How do you feel without makeup?
Honestly, I can go without wearing makeup.  In fact, most days I do.  I don't usually wear makeup to work unless I have extra time in the mornings - I love my sleep so that doesn't happen very often lol.  I do think I look better with makeup on, it just gives me that je ne sais quoi, but hey doesn't everybody ;) 

What do you like about makeup?
I love how it can transform the way you look.  I use it as a creative outlet putting colours and looks together then looking in the mirror and thinking damn that looks good ! It just gives me a certain satisfaction.  I love experimenting with colour, texture and different products.

Three Holy Grail items:
Hmmmmmmm now there's a question.  

1. Black Kohl Eyeliner - If I had to leave the house with just one product on my face this would be it...a quick swipe through the waterline and I'm good to go.  Also it's versatile and can be used for other things...

2. A Nude Lipstick - This would be the second thing I would choose when leaving the house in a hurry.  My favourite nude at the moment is Tom Fords Lipstick in Indian Rose 

3. Clarins Gental Day Cream - I have quite dry and sensitive skin and this is the only moisturiser I have found that doesn't give me any skin issues - I love it and wouldn't be without it. 

Why do you wear makeup?      
I wear makeup because it makes me happy.  That might sound a bit cliché but it really does.  I like how you can use it to enhance your features, even out your complexion and experiment with different looks.
Any misconceptions about makeup that really bother you?
A general misconception I feel that is out there is that you have to spend a lot of money on a product in order for it to perform.  I will admit that I buy a mix of both high-end and budget makeup.  I do tend to prefer high-end but that's generally because I like the packaging and the premium feel of the product plus I have the extra disposable income.  There are some great budget brands out there and high-street makeup is getting better and better all the time with innovative well performing products.  A couple of Budget brands I love are Sleek and Revlon.

If you would like to read Miss Beauty Adikt's post on this Tag you can find it here.  Thanks for the inspiration Selina xXx

Also if anyone else would like to do the tag please let me know so I can read your thoughts on the subject.

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