Monday, February 18, 2013

Bioderma - A Review and some Gossip !!!

Look on any Beauty Blog and you will see rave reviews regarding this product.  Bioderma is a French Pharmaceutical Brand.  The Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution is a gentle cleansing water for sensitive skins that can be used to remove makeup from the eyes and face and as a daily cleanser.  It is used extensively by Models and Make Up Artists.
My skin is super sensitive, so when I heard about this I was intrigued to give it a go and see how it would work on my skin.  I purchased the cute little 100ml bottle from ebay (I didn't see the point of getting a huge bottle if it wasn't going to work for me).

So just a little bit of background regarding my skin.  I have a small amount of eczema on my upper lip and also on my left eyelid that is easily irritated and can get very sore, especially with makeup and makeup removers.  I generally tend to avoid using harsh products on these areas for fear of aggravating them.  The Bioderma cleanser has been amazing in this respect.  It has not irritated any of these areas at all which is an absolute god send.  I can honestly say I will never be without this product again.

In terms of makeup removal it does a pretty excellent job.  Occasionally I will use an oil based eye makeup remover to remove the final traces of eyeliner and mascara from my eyes when I have done a heavy eye look but other than that the Bioderma works just fine.

So here's the downside.  Currently it is quite difficult to get hold of in the UK and online retailers are often out of stock or charge an extortionate amount for it.  Many people pick up bottles on visits to Paris and other areas in France but for those of us that are not making regular trips to France it's a bit of a sad tale.  There are rumours that the full range will be available in the UK shortly and it was available in the Harvey Nichols Beauty Mart in London for a short time, unfortunately they are not allowed to stock it anymore.  The rumour mill suggested that it may be available in Boots but my discussions with the ladies at the Beauty Mart seem to suggest otherwise.

Apparently Bioderma will be going into your local independant UK pharmacy !!!???
Now Boots I can understand but I can not see my local pharmacist buying in masses of Bioderma products to fulfill the needs of those of us in the know about it's brilliance.
I do not understand Bioderma's sales strategy here and I think they have completely misunderstood the UK market by adopting this approach.  I am hoping that what I have heard is wrong, but if I'm not, get ready to start hunting around in your local pharmacy's to get your Bioderma fix.

What do you think about the Bioderma sales strategy ???

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